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Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Southall

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Night Shelter and HSSH Day Centre operated on three separate locations in Southall with a capacity of 20 beds each night, all year round. Only registered guests were allowed at the night shelter, having been assessed by our Complex Needs Case Worker. 


The guests arrived on the premises at 7.30pm each day welcomed by staff and volunteers. They were provided with beds, cooked dinner, shower facilities, and an entertainment area where they played games, took part in a creative activity, or watched a film. Breakfast was served at 6.30am and then the night shelter closed by 8.30am.


This ended when the pandemic began.

Covid-19 Response

Sadly, the pandemic saw the closure of the night shelter spaces and gave rise to accommodation visits by our Complex Needs Case Worker and on the streets accompaniment by the Community Support Worker. In addition, the Homeless Project and Day Centre is now open at St Anselm's Church Southall, as a hub, offering current HSSH guests and others, an emergency response service for food, bedding, GP registration, alcohol and drugs support, as well as support for those wishing to return, voluntarily, to their home country.

Services provided

HSSH's current provision:


Tuesdays 1pm - 4pm

Drop in for rough sleepers and homeless persons. A hot meal and a warm space is provided in addition to external agency support by Alcohol and drugs recovery intervention service (RISE) , and one-to-one support by homeless support organisations such as St. Mungos, Thames Reach and RAMP (Repeated Assessment of Mental Health in pandemics).

We also provide referrals to Streetlink, clothes, kitchenware, toiletries, snacks, fruit, and help with GP forms, hot meals and showers.

Location: St Anselm's Roman Catholic Church
The Green, Southall UB2 4BE

On the streets and in accommodation support

Margarida Pires, our Community Support Worker, regularly checks on clients and other unregistered rough sleepers throughout the week

Jyoti, our Complex Needs Case Worker, follows and directly supports our registered clients throughout the week, whether in accommodation, in the hospital or in immigration detention centres.


Hope for Southall Street Homeless

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Contact us


Phone: 0208 574 3300

Registered Charity: 1164674

St Anselm’s Catholic Church

The Green, Southall. UB2 4BE

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